Happiness is not something you experience, it’s something you remember. - Oscar Levant

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OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL


My Top 5 OneRepublic songs and my interpretation about them:

APOLOGIZE (Dreaming out Loud)

Who would not love this song? This is the first song that I’ve heard from the band. This song is so sweet. Really love the song and it makes me want to sing it all day. I was so LSS here. A song for those who have made a mistake and are willing to take another chance to make up to that person.

Favorite part from the song:

I’d take another chance, take a fall
Take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
But it’s nothing new, yeah yeah


No one is Perfect! For me, that is the meaning of this song. There will always be someone who is better than you. But at the end of the day it is yourself who needs to accept the real “You” and not to please everybody. Try to become better day by day but don’t try to be perfect because it will just bring you down. 

Favorite part from the song:

Do you think I’m special? Do you think I’m nice?
Am I bright enough to shine in your spaces?
Between the noise you hear and the sound you like
Are we just sinking in the ocean of faces?

GOOD LIFE (Waking Up)

Having a Good Life is not far from reality. But before you achieve it, you have to struggle and survive. Shit happens. Just keep in mind that “there’s always a tomorrow to live for and a yesterday to remember”.

Favorite part from the song:

I feel like like there might be something that I’ll miss
I feel like the window closes oh so quick
I’m taking a mental picture of you now
‘Cause hopelessly
The hope is we have so much to feel good about

SECRETS (Waking Up)

For me, this song is about a person who is bored of his life. He may be famous and have achieved greatness. But this is not him, there’s a different side of him that he wants to show. The real “Him”. And at this point he is ready to show it to the world.

Favorite part from the song:

Tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
Sick of all the insincere
I’m gonna give all my secrets away
This time, don’t need another perfect lie
Don’t care if critics ever jump in line
I’m gonna give all my secrets away


A very “feel good” music. Who cares about money? Who cares about fame? Live your life to the fullest. Do what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to take risk. Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

Favorite part from the song:

I see this life like a swinging vine
Swing my heart across the line
In my face is flashing signs
Seek it out and you shall find
Oh, but I’m not that old
Young, but I’m not that bold
I don’t think the world is sold
I’m just doing what we’re told
I feel something so right
Doing the wrong thing
I feel something so wrong
Doing the right thing
I could lie, could lie, could lie
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive


Why do I look forward to watch them perform live?

I look forward to watch them perform live in Manila because they are one of my favorite artists. I love the meaning of their songs and many can relate well. Also I love how they treat their music and how they develop it, their lead once said “We’re no respecter of genre. If its a good song or a good artist whether rock, pop, indie or hip hop, they’ve probably influenced us on some level…nothing’s new under the sun, we’re a sum of a bunch of parts.”

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